Sunday, December 31, 2006

And the last project is off the needles

Not that I don't have plenty of other things on needles, but I wanted to get these socks done and they are. So here they are!! These are my favorite pair of socks that I have made so far!!

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Projects for 2007

Here is a list of things I need to start and finish.

1.A few years ago I crocheted (sp) a friend (Trina) of mine, who is a Purdue U. grad and also a grad of Broad Ripple High School. A yellow and black afghan in a ripple pattern. Every since I started making socks she has asked, me when am I going to get some socks? Well I found some Lorna's Laces in bumdle bee (yellow and black) about 6 months ago and actually have one sock done in the broad ripple sock pattern, but need to finish them.

2. My 8 year old daughter is always asking when I am going to make her some socks, so I guess this is her year as well.

3.There is the Mystery stole, that I started and never finished so I am going to restart that soon and that would be for me

4. There are the socks that go with the mystery stole that are for me as well.

5. My grandson Brandon asked me over christmas when he was getting his socks,I have the yarn for these just need to make them.

6. My 12 year old daughter Azya has the second pair of socks I ever made and they are a bit under the weather so she could use a pair.

7.My secret scarf Pal send me some Opal in a purple and yellow colorway that I love so will try to make me some more socks from that.

8.I have a few sweater patterns I would like to make but that is down the road.

9.there is the issue of the three new skeins I just bought and am just dying to make socks out of.

10.of course there is all the stash sock yarn that I have that I need to use !!

I had stopped at 10 because that was all I could remember. There are a few more, I have 2 babys to knit for. Coworkers who are both having boys, one wants a blanket and the other wants a blanket, hat and booties!! LOL 2 others are getting married and I am thinking of making them afghans!!and I need to lear how to make a nicer blog I just found this site that looks vey helpful for those of us that are blog challenged!

We will just stop at 10 LMAO Happy new year, what will you be knitting in 2007

My trip to the not so LYS

I took Friday off from work to be able to spend some time with my 2 youngest daughters.We had planned a shopping spree, as we all had gift cards and I needed to go to my not so LYS I love that Place !! You can buy this bag

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for $15.00 and then every time you take it back with you, you receive a 10% discount on your purchase. I had never bought one because I always spend all my money on yarn. Not that I didn't this time eigher. At any rate, yesterday when I was getting my pals yarn for her mitt kit the young lady says after I had added to the pile,3 skeins of yarn that I could not leave behind, you know she says, that bag will almost pay for itself with the discount!! LMAO so you see I have the bag. At any rate it will be good for me to be able to tote the bag I am going to start on as soon as the socks are finished!!! so here is what I got. first up is the Yarn for her bag, I have a pattern in mind, Patons clasic wool Merino,that I got at michaels in red and white she said she liked red!!

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then there is the yarn for her to make her mitts with. Since I did not and still do not, know a thing about roving LOL, the nice girls at the LYS helped me get her 3 oz. of this, and the red is Nature Spun, she mentioned something about thrummed mitts so I hope she will like this. I ordered half of her needles at knit picks this AM. I will have to go to another LYS to get the others as Knit Picks dosn't have that size and will add some other goodies to her kit.

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then there was the Opal that is fabulous in browns and oranges I just loved it.I cant seem to find the color name or # on the label

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This yarn is new to me, it is called Austermann Step it is a german yarn and again I cannot find the color but the label does say Aloe Vera and Jojoba ol it is in different shades of greens grays touches of pinks it is very pretty and will most likely be the first thing on the needles in 2007 for a pair of socks for myself.This was my favorite buy

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And last but not least, I believe the young lady said this was a new yarn, was this beauty called, Celestial Merino Dream, By Lucy Neatby, color:Blue Vesuvlus, and I love it!!the picture does not do it justice !! it has blues and greens, purples, oranges,and maroons just wonderful colors

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Well that was my trip to the LYS. I hope you had as much fun looking as I did buying.!!

the last project for 2006

These socks are for my Cousin Alberts daughter, Alexis.She saw a pair I made my aunt and said she would like a pair. Now mind you this was in June that she said she liked them!! They were suppose to be done by christmas. I got so busy I did not get them done. She did not know she was getting them so it was that much better LOL. I plan on finishing them tomorrow. They were made with Lorna's Laces shepard sock yarn, dye lot:8369, color: Zons Pine. I used #3 bamboo dpl. needles on them and the pattern is (Little Shell).I got it off the web somewhere, lord only knows were!! they were a fun knit and alot of people have made positive comments on them I probebly will make them again.

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