Saturday, January 27, 2007


Yep,Thats what the Forest Path Stole will be made of.Like Debi, I was unsure of the colorway I had chosen for my stole.I saw some laceweight I liked the other day I should have bought it. LOL, at any rate at the not so LYS that I dearly love!! I found a few more colors that I liked but there wasnt enough in any one color in stock for the stole. dye lots became the topic.I ended with the ROSE BUD as there was enough.I got it home wound as you can see!!

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It took almost an hour to wind 3 cakes of this . we need not revisit the merino incident (see below).I casted on using the Knitted cast on.This stuff is like a dream it is so soft it has fibers coming out and I cant even describe it . This is the nicest yarn I have ever worked with.I was not crazy about the color in the store but once they started winding it I was like under its spell, it is like a pink cloud to look at, and a pillow to touch. LOL at any rate I started the seed stitch and saw where my cast on stitches were uneven so only knitted about 20 stitches and also I had forgot to Sl the first stitch.So I went to the frog pond with it.Pulling to fast caused a you know what right? LOL It came undone pretty easy But I think I will have to be very careful with the stitches as it would be a bear to have frog a bunch of it. I am glad I did it and am going to see if I can get a better tension cast on done tomorrow has any body else decided how they are going to cast on ? it really is a pretty color and it might be nice to find a forest in a rose bud!!

I am getting ready to go to the frog pond again with the stole LOL 142 st. instead of 141 I was puting st. markers every 10 st. when I noticed it. I was on row 5 and I am not sure these nickle plated needles are the best. they are very slippery I may go get some bamboo of course all I have are 3.5 and I need 3.25 LOL another reason to go to the yarn store.
ok bamboo straights are in my possesion, they didnt have any circs in stock so will cast on again to see what these are like.At the rate I am going it may be march 1st before I get started !!
Update; Why didnt someone say Linda, that is not the seed stitch!! LOL looking at the picture, and saw this reread instructions and have started over.....wheres that little emotion guy with his little eyes rolling around in his head!


Debi said...
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Debi said...

Take 2 :)

Of course I don't mind! I'm glad you found a yarn you can love! With a shawl like the FPS, who wants mediocre? I can't wait to see all these stunning yarns knit up!

Jane said...

You have a lot more more patience than I do! I've made one little lace scarf and that took most of my patience. I have some beautiful Suri lace that my One Skein Pal sent me - just waiting to be made into a beautiful scarf - but I don't think it's going to happen!

Debi said...

It looks lovely Linda! I think you'll be very happy with the final product. Keep persevering!! :)

Leslie said...

Hey, Linda! I'm doing the Lettuce colorway Suri Alpaca in the FPS. It is a BEAR with metal needles and it does show every little irregularity in the cast on, that's for sure. I ended up doing a standard ole' long tail and taught myself (rapidly) the EZ sewn cast-off for the swatch. But it does feel and look good and after a swishing and blocking the little halo of the yarn just blows my mind. I guess we'll have fun and stretch our knitting muscles with this knit along :)